richard2nixon - 3/10

The play was first performed in the New Studio (Új Stúdió) of Thália Theatre, Budapest, Hungary on the 10th of November, 2005 with the following cast:

King Richard II / Richard M Nixon - J. András Karsai
John Gaunt / Henry A Kissinger - Amália Simonfi
Northumberland / the Democratic Party - Veronika Karsai
Henry Bolingbroke / Gerald Ford - Levente Lőrincz
Councillor / Charles W Colson - Krisztina Jezsó
Isabella, the imported queen / First Lady - Júlia Szörényi
Robert de Vere - Thomas Mowbray - Aumerle - Gergő Takács

Translation (Shakespeare to Hungarian) - Előd P Csirmaz
Choreography & pantomime - Veronika Karsai
Written and directed by Balázs R Suda

Production photos can be found on the following pages.

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